The year is 1998, a mother leaves her 5-year-old daughter Josi at their apartment in the care of her older cousin. Shortly thereafter, the apartment building goes up in flames, trapping Josi and her cousin inside. Firemen soon come and rescue both of them, but Josi was unconscious and severely burned, with no ambulance present. Police Officer Getz was on the scene with his partner, and he leapt into action. He scooped up little Josi and yelled at his partner to drive them to the hospital, while he performed CPR on her to keep her alive.

Josi’s cousin would later die from his burns, but thanks to the officer’s help, Josi’s condition would stabilize. The next day, Officer Getz and his partner went to visit Josi, and he brought her a teddy bear (something she still treasures to this day). Getz would continue to check on her throughout her time in school, and he would’ve happily stepped in if she needed help with anything, but he never needed to.

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