There are things in this world no one has yet to know about. That’s why traveling and exploring can be so fun. It’s like finding a lost treasure when you find a spot in the world that no one knows about. That used to be the Hidden Beach of Mexico.

But now, it’s going viral. The Hidden Beach is one of those places you have to see. It’s literally hidden in a cave. There is a hole above the beach for sunlight to come through and beach goers can do some sunbathing while relaxing on the Hidden Beach.

The View From The Top Of The Hidden Beach

But for some reason, there is no report of anyone who is able to get in from the top. That might be too dangerous for your average traveler. After all, you might be able to get in that way if you know how to repel. But you’ll still have to get out and climbing out is much harder than repelling into the beach.

So, listen to the locals when they tell you that the only way to get there is by boat. But then, you have to swim a distance to get to the beach. Everyone who makes it is in for a great time though. There is a lot to do on the beach. Snorkeling out there is a favorite with the visitors.

Just Off The West Coast Of Mexico

Of course with that view, can you imagine having some beers by a campfire? Stay the night looking up at the stars. Get in your tent and crawl in your sleeping bag for one of the greatest experiences of your life.

The Hidden Beach is on the Islas Marietas. It’s just off of Puerto Vallarta and it takes about an hour to get to the island. Then you are ready to visit the Hidden Beach and have the best story to tell your friends when you get back home.

Take A More In-Depth Tour Of The Hidden Beach

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