Can you imagine sleeping under a bridge or on a grate in the middle of the city and all of a sudden, a blast goes off that shakes the ground you’re sleeping on? You wake up to a city in terror! But you don’t run.

Steve is what they are calling this homeless hero. When he was awoken by the bombing in Manchester, he looked around confused at first. But he knew he had to act fast. The thing was, he didn’t react the way most people would have.

Instead of running away from the bombing, he ran toward it. In a time like that, he knew there would be people who needed help. Even though others have refused to help him, Steve had no hesitation of coming to the aid of others. That’s what makes him a particularly interesting hero in this story.

Innocent Bombing Victims In Shock Everywhere

In a bombing that took the lives of 22 people and that injured 59 others, people were running for their lives. There was chaos everywhere and from all the accounts from people who were there, the fear ran rampant. No one knows how they are going to act in a horrible situation like a bombing.

But Steve does. Steve knows exactly what he would do in a situation like that. He would run toward it and save the day. For anyone who has ever been in or near something that awful, they know how hard it is to choose between fight or flight.

Then, Along Comes Steve To Save The Day

There is nothing wrong with fighting for your own survival. Sometimes, simply surviving a horrific experience such as a bombing can be heroic enough. But running into the fire with the determination to drag people out and save their lives is a feat that only people with the heart of Steve have the courage to do.

There are crowdfunding campaigns for Steve on and They are put in place to help him possibly find a place to live and get him off the streets. After the help he was willing to offer, it’s a great idea to give to him and offer him the help he needs now.

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