It was a bad day for so many people involved. After all, there were so many people with their cable out. That’s a terrible thing to be sitting at home and needing the internet or in the middle of a show and your system goes down.

So, the guys get out there to work on it. They were working in the snow and they just wanted to get their work done so they could go home. Who could be mad at them for that?

The thing is that they didn’t handle it quite right. They did have a policy that they needed to put down cones to let people know where to drive and that work was being done. But, there was a hill.

That hill caused a lot of problems. See, the people who were driving up that road couldn’t see the work being done until they got over that little hill. And that’s where the problems started.

Problems! As in more than one. One man with a video camera was out there taking video of the whole thing. He even tried to tell the workers of the impending danger. But, they weren’t trying to listen. They weren’t trying to do what they needed to do to make the road safe for the drivers who were coming.

It was a real mess.

This Guy

He’s looking around and seeing what’s going on. Does he care to make the road safer for the drivers? No. He thinks the manual says that 4 cones are fine and that’s that. That’s all he has to care about…

But, Life Doesn’t Work That Way

Sometimes, you have to go outside of the manual. You have to do what is right no matter what the manual says. It’s only human. I understand you just want to do your job. But, care about the people around you when you do it.

Watch Out For That Truck