J.R. Gilbert is a special needs student at Somerset High School in San Antonio, Texas. It appears he’s a very popular kid because he came to school one day to find everyone waiting on him. They walked him through the crowd where a few students stood waiting patiently to give J.R. something special.

With his U.S.M.C. shirt on, he looked around at all the people standing in attendance. They were excited. But, what was all the excitement about? They were about to make J.R.’s Christmas.

There are times when you hear the old people question the youth these days. There are plenty of comments that there just isn’t any hope. With all the criticism they can muster, they judge the younger generation. Sometimes, a bit unfairly.

But, this is a video that restores that hope. The thing is that the younger generations are full of great people like this. It’s just more entertaining to the miserable scrooges out there to spread videos that show people at their worst.

That’s why you can appreciate a video like this one here!

What Do They Have?

It might have been a little nervousness or the fact that all eyes were on him, but he wrestled with the wrapping. Then, they told him to just rip it. That’s when he started ripping away. Who saves the wrapping paper anyway?

Trying Them On

He was excited to see the one box that he had to open. Then, they handed him a second box. So, obviously J.R. had to try on both pair. That’s classic! Something I would do…

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