When an Irish girl asked her doctor if she could have an abortion, it did not turn out as planned. Her name is not being released for obvious reasons. But her story is being told all over the world.

Abortion is not a right in Ireland. It takes an act of a judge to decide if a woman can have one. Even then, it’s a very slim chance because they have rules concerning it.

If the mother’s life is at risk, abortion can be granted. Also there are cases that if the mother is suicidal, then it can be granted. It’s not even granted in cases of rape. Imagine that! A woman in that case would have to carry a baby whose life was started in such a violent way. Her only option is to put the baby up for adoption.

Protests Rage To Make Abortion Legal

In the case of the teenager from Ireland who went with her mother to the doctor to request an abortion, she was sent to Dublin. She thought that’s where they were going to do it. But instead, they checked her into a mental hospital against her will.

Even though her mother was with her, the girl was appointed a guardian ad litem. That is a person who is put in charge of deciding what’s best for the child. What’s more than that, the unborn child was appointed a guardian ad litem as well.

Anti-Abortion Protestors Come Out In Numbers Too

The girl’s guardian ad litem brought a second psychiatrist into the case who argued that the girl was just mad over the situation, and not suicidal or mentally ill. A judge finally released the girl from the mental hospital. He decided that ongoing psychiatric treatment would do better for her than the abortion would.

Because of the fact that there are little choices a pregnant lady can make in Ireland, many go to the U.K. to seek an abortion. If they try to have one in Ireland, they can go to prison for anywhere from 14 years to life. The battle rages on in Ireland. But there are many advocates on both sides of the issue.

The Abortion Issues In Ireland

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