On the 22nd of May, a British suicide bomber of Libyan ancestry attacked the Manchester Arena during an Ariana Grande Concert. Twenty-three individuals were killed and 116 were injured. The tragedy shocked the world, but many people rebounded from their shock and worked to support the victims and cleanup effort.

Within a few days of the bombing, Ariana announced on Twitter that she would “be returning to the incredibly brave city of Manchester to spend time with my fans and to have a benefit concert in honor of, and to raise money for, the victims and their families.”

The full text of the note is included below.

On May 30, Ariana released the final details of the event. Her fans are in for a massive surprise, as she’s bringing a loaded cast of superstars with her (see the full roster below).

When the idea for a tribute concert first came up, the Greater Manchester Police chief constable stated that he needed to check with the families first. He found that the vast majority were very much in favor of the concert, but a few weren’t. This is perfectly understandable though. However, when it comes to terrorism, it is important to stay strong, and to not let the intimidation work. That is what this concert is trying to symbolize.

The One Love Concert could easily go down as an iconic event in history when one factors in the magnitude of the tragedy, as well as the support and performance of such a high caliber group of performers.


Here is the full roster:

Our thoughts go out to the victims of the Manchester attack. This concert will certainly help to raise funds for the victims of the attack and their families. Hopefully this historic event will help to lift the spirits of all of those involved as well.