There are life hacks and then there are simple tips and tricks that you can use in your life to make it so much easier. I don’t know why everyone wants to call everything a life hack.

Putting cream and sugar in my coffee is how I drink it. It’s not a life hack that I can perform on my coffee to magically turn it from one taste to another. Where do some of these people come from?

But, I’m not denying the fact that there are some honest to goodness life hacks out there that make our lives so much easier. I wish I had known some of these earlier because I would have used them rather than spent perfectly good money on gadgets I didn’t need. See, that actually might be the test.

If you can bypass paying for expensive gadgets, then I think it’s legitimate to call the tip a life hack. Who’s with me?

These are great life hacks for your car and they will certainly change your life. From what to do with your cell phone to where to put a cup of coffee, you’ll love what you’re about to learn.

The Seat belt

If you have a seat belt that gets stuck and the mechanism seems to be wearing out, you’ll love this idea. No need to buy a mechanism to fix the seat belt. Just a common household item will do the trick just fine.

Phone Holder

There are phone holders that you can buy. But, this is the fix you’ve been waiting for. When you need to drive some place and you’re unaware how to get there, turn on your GPS and enjoy the smooth ride. The phone will be just fine because this life hack solves all your problems.

There Are Plenty More