It was just your normal day for a guy at the Valley Fair mall. He did some shopping. He had some lunch. Then, he had a gun pulled in his face by a mall security guard.

The young mall security guard probably never fired a gun in his life. He looks a little worried as he’s staring down the dangerous man in the car. His sheriff probably only gave him one bullet, so he was going to have to make it count.

What was it about? Apparently, the driver ran over a cone. That was enough to send Barney Fife into a fit of rage and come flying across the parking lot like he was facing a terrorist. But, it didn’t stop there.

It appears that the young mall cop called for backup and when that guy came, things even got worse. It was like the Keystone Cops trying to handle a baby snatcher. Overreact much?

Barney Fife

He looks a bit jittery. Has anyone ever trained him to do his job or how to hold a pistol? Of course, he does have a good grip. Those white knuckles say it all. Just take it easy pal. Don’t do anything stupid.

Then, Along Comes The Boss

It’s “Belligerent.” Say it with me, “Belligerent.” Where did they get these guys? It’s like they got their certification out of cereal boxes! Or wait, that’s a good part of the story. I’ll let them tell you about that.

Mall Cop Fail