What happens when you’re the president of the United States waiting on a former president of the United States and he’s just taking his good ol’ time? You leave him right? Tell him to get his own ride home.

President Obama and Bill Clinton were in Israel for the funeral of Shimon Peres, the former Israeli Prime Minister and President. But when it’s time to go, it’s time to go. Who likes hanging around funerals?

All the other world leaders left. They got home in their private jets, took off their hot suits, and opened themselves a nice cold beer. But, no! Bill wasn’t about all that.

He’s standing at the bottom of the plane kibitzing with everyone. He was kissing babies and shaking hands. Hey, Bill! You were already president once, for two terms. You can’t be president again. Knock it off and get on the plane.

Let’s Go

President Obama ascended the steps first. He got on the plane and took off his jacket. Then, he looked around and saw someone missing. That would be the former president Bill Clinton he was trying to give a ride home.

Had To Call Him Out

Like a kid at a store, you have to urge them to get a move on. Like a teenager with her friends at high school, you have to practically beg them to get in the car. That’s what’s going on here with President Obama and Bill Clinton.

About Time Bill!

President Obama was about to fire up the engines and leave him there. If you’re getting a ride home with the president, you might want to get up those steps and get on the plane. But when you’re Bill Clinton, you think you’re still in charge.

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