Bricklaying is a detailed and time consuming skill. Each brick has to be perfectly set on the row below it or a wall gets built crooked. I don’t know about you, but I like my walls straight.

The thing is that we are all human. If you give humans a task, we have a nature of taking it to a whole new level. We love pushing ourselves and being really creative.

I once watched a guy build blinds in seconds. He was the fastest guy I had ever seen. Of course, it was an assembly line. The work was very repetitious and he just kept working that skill until he could do them so fast, it would blow your mind.

Of course, there is no blind making competition. But, it made the guy feel a sense of self-worth that only he could give himself. That’s what I mean.

We have a naturally curious side to ourselves. We are naturally creative and we make great things happen on a daily basis. That’s who we are. Nothing wrong with that. Wait until you see this guy’s bricklaying skills.

Naturally Creative

Simply having K’nex is not enough. This guy had to create the largest setup in the world that takes a ball over four minutes to get through. That’s pretty large. That’s what I mean when I’m talking about being creative and what the guy in the video does with bricklaying is on that level.

Naturally Curious

We can’t just leave things alone. We have to learn how they work. Setting off 10,000 sparklers is the kind of things we do. The only problem with this picture is that we weren’t there to see it in person.

Watch The Awesome

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