Physics can often give us interesting results. It’s basically the math that makes experiments seem unreal. If you know physics, you can do amazing things that don’t make sense to the human eye.

We grow up learning the normal boundaries of nature. If you drop a ball, it’s going to take a certain amount of time to hit the ground. If you hit a ball, there’s a way to calculate how far it will go and where it will land.

That’s why our minds are blown when certain things don’t seem to follow the rules.

Stacking Spoons

Everyone’s seen a trick like this. They get so much more complex than this. How does this work? It doesn’t seem natural and that’s why it blows our minds.

Dislocated Imagery

This is a common phenomenon. But, it seems strange because there is no reason for his head to not be on top of his body. Why is that?

How The Bricklaying Trick Was Done