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If you work with gas, you should know the basic rule. It’s not hard to keep straight. Gas is very flammable. It has this whole interesting relationship with fire and when the two get together, it’s explosive.

Even kids know that! In the video, it appears there are two younger gentleman who actually step back when they see what the guy is doing. But, you read that right. He’s checking for a gas leak with a lighter.

The question is, who is he? If he works for the gas company, he needs put on desk duty or something. Maybe he’s been out in the field for too long and smelled too much gas. It can make you high. In fact, there are people who buy gas at the gas station just to huff it. A few good fumes and consciousness goes away.

So, the guy could be suffering from the effects of overexposure to gas. Then again, he could have just been high that day. After all, he is looking for a gas leak. If he’s standing right on top of it, then there is a good chance the fumes already got to his head and he had no idea what he was doing.

Probing With A Lighter

Any gas will do! It’s not just the stuff they pump to your house to keep it heated. Flatulence is highly flammable and they call it gas. That’s because it is. When it comes out of your body in the form of a fart, it’s ready to explode.

The Gas Station in ‘The Birds’

But, this is what happens when gas and fire really mix. A town is about ready to catch on fire. That’s why they say don’t light cigarettes around a gas pump. You’ll be the next statistic.

He’s Not That Bright