Cliff Curtis is of Maori descent from Rotorua, New Zealand. With roles in Fear the Walking Dead, The Dark Horse, and Training Day, he has made his mark on Hollywood and has a fan base that is growing. But, there is a difference between him and other actors.

Yes, there are plenty of great actors in Hollywood. The thing about Cliff Curtis is he has a believable range that can span over many cultures and ethnicities. He has actually played as many roles as he has gone from a Latino in Training Day to an Indian in Three Kings, as well as many other memorable performances.

When he plays a role, he makes sure he nails the part. It’s a goal of his to do the people justice that he is imitating, “I take the responsibility of playing another ethnicity very, very seriously and I promise myself and those people that I will represent them with as much dignity and integrity as I can muster. I’m not fooling around. I don’t want to make a fool of that cultural heritage. I represent them as I would represent my own.”

The Walking Dead Spinoff

Of course, he gained some fans when he took on the lead role in Fear the Walking Dead. All The Walking Dead zombie fans welcomed him with open arms. After two seasons, it looks like his character just might be around a while.

Cliff Curtis In Missing

The thing is that imitating a particular ethnicity is an art. Some actors botch it because they are only trying to get down how a person sounds. Studying their movements, actions, and the actual dialog they use takes the performance to a whole new level.

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