There are a few things that went wrong in this one. Putting it all together makes for a very close call that almost cost a man his life. You have to see how close it gets.

A Mack Truck driver takes a turn a little too fast. That’s not uncommon. But, truck drivers are trained. Plus, they get a lot of experience driving. Most people are very careful while they’re learning. They don’t go driving around corners at top speeds until they get a feel for the truck and know its limitations.

But, the driver wasn’t the only one at fault. The guy on the scooter thought it was okay to go past the line. It’s there for a reason. Of course, we all do it from time to time. But in this particular circumstance, it is a factor. Scooter guy was all the way up in the middle of the road.

Put all that together and we have a situation that could go very wrong real quick. It’s one of those heart pounding moments that makes your blood pump through your veins and your blood pressure go sky high. You might need to change your underwear.

Lines Are There For A Reason

Scooter guy wanted to get a head start on the traffic. He almost ended up becoming part of the pavement. You are going to be shocked when you see how close it gets. It is within inches.

Smashed To Smithereens

It would have been just like being front row at a Gallagher show. That might be a little graphic. But, that’s exactly what it would have looked like.

Too Close For Comfort