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Get your vacation tickets and head off to the greatest places around the world. You can enjoy a hot tub in Cancun. You can ski the slopes in Switzerland. But, you’ll never have an experience like this couple who were minding their own business when a bull elephant decided to pay them a visit.

That’s what a real vacation is all about. Of course, you can go to Disney and have a giraffe look at you while you eat breakfast on your balcony. But, it’s contained. It’s managed. It’s not quite as wild as the jungles of Africa or the great Australian outback.

A bull elephant? What in the world? That would be the most exhilarating experience ever. It’s like asking for a wine refill and having a chimpanzee pour it for you. Get a ride to town on a rhinoceros. Ask for directions from a kangaroo.

That’s the kind of vacation these guys are having. They’re just minding their own business in the pool when a bull elephant comes up to say hi! You know what you do when that happens? You say hi back and you let it do whatever it is that it wants to do.

Make Like A Tree And Leave

Your natural instinct is to run. You might feel the urge to do that. But, it might not be the best idea. You never know what that could cause and you might get trampled in your haste to run as fast as you can.

It Might Be In The Mood

When you’re on vacation, you don’t want to miss thing. If you beat feet, you might end up missing something as awesome as a mating session. It could happen right up in your face. So, stay calm like this couple did and let it happen.

Up Close And Personal With A Bull Elephant