People are born to experiment, one crazy experiment after another crazy experiment. We can’t help ourselves. If it looks fun to do and we have the means to do it, we’re going to find out what it does.

That’s how most of the greatest things we know have come about. Penicillin came about when a form of bacteria was left uncovered in a petri dish for several days. Beer was invented after the fermentation process was discovered in bread…at least 5,000 years ago. So, you see how important it is for us to experiment.

Of course, some experiments put people at great risk. When we were young, some of us had the need to put a fork in the electrical outlet. It’s only because we were told not to and that’s just the recipe for “find out why.”

The need to know if a cigarette can light gasoline on fire came from an in-depth discussion of gases and how they ignite. Of course, it had to be tried. You can’t just ask a scientist. You have to see your theory in action and by the way, a cigarette won’t light gas on fire. It seems ironic, but the liquid will put the cigarette out.

Of course, the next logical sequence to that conversation was if a fart could be ignited. That led to people getting on their backs in the middle of parties and pointing their butts in the air with lighters in their hands. Of course, a whole slew of Youtube videos followed once the internet caught up to the ancient experiment.

Talk About Explosive

This is on some next level crazy experiment tip. This guy has made sodium bullets that explode in the air once they’ve been fired through the chamber of his pistol. Not everyone has the means to recreate this experiment, but we would all love to give it a try.

Not Everything Goes Well

Mentos in a Diet Coke will explode like a bottle rocket. It will shoot in any direction it deems fit. This kid was not ready for it to come flying in his direction.

Not Everyone Is A Genius

It doesn’t necessarily take a genius to do an experiment. But, some people should not even be allowed. Take their experiment card and tell them to sit in the corner.

You’re going to love what happens when Molten Salt meets water! NEXT…