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A Guinness World Record is an awesome achievement. That means of all the people in the world who have tried it, the record holder did it the longest, the highest, or the most. Now, someone else has to come along and beat it.

Some Guinness World Records are just plain phenomenal. The highest jump, the fastest run, the fastest car, or the most weight lifted are all the sort of thing that gets my blood pumping. Actually, I want to see the footage to be quite frank.

On another note though, some things just don’t seem worth beating. The lady who can pop her eyes out of their sockets the furthest has a weird Guinness World Record. That’s just a genetic thing and no amount of practice is going to prepare me to beat it.

The largest collection of rubber ducks is in the record books as well. See what I mean? For some reason, I’m just willing to let Charlotte Lee go ahead and have that one at 5,631 rubber ducks.

There are more that will make you scratch your head. There is a whole list of records that make you think, what in the world? Who in the world? How, why, what again?

Who Has The Longest Fingernails

Lee Redmond grew nails for nearly 30 years to hold the record of 28 feet, 4.5 inches in February 2008. Her right thumb was her longest single nail at 2 feet, 11 inches. In 2009 though, she broken them in a car accident.

To Who Put The Most Swords In Their Mouth

Franz Huber holds the record for swallowing 13 and twisting them. But, there are plenty of sword swallowing records like the most underwater, the most simultaneously, and the longest one.

Unfortunately, bad things happen when people risk their lives to break records. Not everyone comes out of these attempts alright. These are the most disastrous attempts and be warned. It does get graphic.

Guinness World Record Gone Wrong