Women have complained about men’s disgusting habits for ages. Guys do plenty that literally turn women’s stomachs. The toilet seat issue merely scratches the surface. Trust me!

Men and women can normally have a great time together if they inhabit different places while they date. That way they can keep their disgusting habits to themselves. It’s when they start moving closer and closer to co-habitation that the truth comes out and man’s true behavior rises to the surface.

Passing gas and then pulling the sheet up over their girlfriend’s head is just a prank. That’s not really the kind of thing that qualifies as a disgusting habit. Behavior like that will fade one day as the man matures. Therefore, it’s not a habit at all. It’s just a disgusting thing that will give him a laugh and she’ll start feeling a little differently about him.

Disgusting habits are harder to deal with because it takes real work to get those behaviors to go away. The man first has to acknowledge that he does indeed pick his nose. Then, he has to want to stop. Then and only then is getting him the help he needs possible.

All Men Have Them

It’s not that all men share the exact same disgusting habits. These are the worst of them. Men don’t like to admit that they are in fact disgusting creatures of habit. So, they aren’t open about what they do and don’t do when they think no one’s looking.

What You See At A Walmart

Scratching in public is another disgusting habit. Men know they are doing it. They just think they are invisible when they do. As if sneaking one in will keep people around him from seeing it. Obviously, you can see how wrong this dude is.

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