The Billboard Music Awards 2017 were action packed with surprise after surprise. But Drake was one of the biggest surprises of them all. If people didn’t like Drake so much, they would have gotten tired of hearing his name.

Years ago, Adele set the record for the most awards received by one artist in a night. If you think about it, that’s like getting an award for getting so many awards. But Adele was bested finally, which happens to anyone who holds a record. It’s just a matter of time before someone comes along and breaks it.

The Most Awards Anyone Has Ever Received In One Night

Drake took home 13 big ones on Sunday night. Top Artist, Top Streaming Songs Artist, Top Rap Artist, Top R&B Song and Top Rap Album are just a few of the awards Drake had to walk on stage and give an acceptance speech for. That’s a lot of words to say in one night after the “thank yous” have all run dry.

But it appears Drake just might have been eyeing that target. In an interview back in 2015, Drake gave Adele props for her accomplishments and was trying to duplicate her results. “I’m always thinking, how do I top what I’ve done? How do I make this thing stronger? I ask myself, ‘Why does Adele’s album go diamond, and how do I do that? How do I create art that makes minds stretch further?'”

He Just Might Keep Topping What He’s Done

It looks like he’s done that. With hits that he just put out like “Passionfruit,” “Fake Love,” and “Portland,” his latest album More Life: A Playlist By October Firm is the kind of work that keeps Drake at the top of the game. Not many artists can put out a single on a weekend and have millions of downloads by Monday.

Having just put down another album in April last year, Drake just might be one of the busiest artists in the industry. For one thing, he keeps the flow and stays active. If he keeps that up, he’ll be able to keep topping what he’s done and making it stronger.

His Acceptance Speech Gets A Little Awkward

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