Robert Bourne and David Grigsby

Robert and David were casing places and having a detailed conversation about how they were going to rob them. It was good stuff. The only problem is that they butt dialed the police while they were talking and they were arrested shortly after when the police tracked the phone.

Jason Pauchay

When the cops knocked on his door, Jason wasn’t even a suspect. They were trying to find someone else and Jason let the police in his apartment to look around. That’s when they went through the phone and found, “Jason Pauchay Drug Dealer.”

Insurance Money Scam

When Officer Charanjit Meharu entered the victim’s home, he found a smashed window as well as jewelry and electronics missing. The victim received a phone call from her father where she explained to him in French that there was nothing to worry about, it was an insurance scam. Too bad Officer Meharu spoke French too and overheard the whole conversation.