There are haunted houses and then there are haunted houses. Back in the day, a haunted house was a dark building full of dark hallways and mechanical devices that would jump out at you.

It wasn’t long before they started adding more and more features. Characters would jump out and grab you. You might walk through a spiderweb and feel small objects dumped on you to make you think you had spiders crawling down your neck. It was fun stuff and they made it fun with each added feature they would use to increase how scary the experience was.

Now, they are taking it to the extreme. If you watch scary movies and are really into Halloween, you can handle these new Haunted House experiences. Actors are trained to make you feel like you are about ready to die. They will subject you to the most psychological fears you can ever imagine and you can easily forget that you are in a controlled environment.

You might get locked in a cage with a spider on your face. It can’t hurt you. But, that’s enough to make you want to leave the haunted house immediately. They might throw blood on you and lock you in a coffin. You have no idea what they are going to do until they do it.

She Comes Out Of Nowhere

She doesn’t stop coming at you. She might even get in your face and scream with a high-pitched, blood curdling scream. But, what is she distracting you from? Your worst nightmare might be right behind you.

They Do What They Want

These are the most intense haunted houses that have ever existed. They know fear and you will feel it every corner you go around. That is if you stay alive long enough.

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