It’s actually hard to watch at first. Two girls come walking in with the camera on them the whole time. They start talking about a man standing next to them. I thought it was a social experiment at first and I’m hoping it still is. The video doesn’t show anyone trying to calm everything down and explain the situation.

Then, it jumps to a whole new level. They start “Fat Shaming” him. It’s obnoxious and it’s uncalled for. They tell him that he needs to leave the McDonald’s and go for a walk or something as if he doesn’t have any right to eat.

The man would be considered fat. By some government standards created by doctors, he is technically considered fat. But, there’s something about that. That’s an opinion based on what the norm is. That doesn’t mean he should be required or expected to lose weight.

The thing is that some people are happy with their bodies no matter what anyone else thinks. Another thing is that some people can’t help it. They might suffer from depression and eating is their coping mechanism. They might have an eating disorder or a health issue that makes them fat. Whatever it is, these girls have no right to treat him the way they do in the video.

It’s Hard To Watch

No one is perfect. If we were to go around holding up magnifying glasses to each other, we would all find flaws. But, that’s a great thing about most of us. We accept who we are flaws and all.

It’s About To Get Real

This man has heard enough though. While everyone else is standing around watching in shock, this man has something to say. But, he doesn’t stop there. They get exactly what they had coming to them.

Fat Shaming Consequences