Avril Lavigne

When she was running around with her boyfriend at the time Brody Jenner, the story goes that they were minding their own business. But, bar hoppers jumped them and gave them a thumping they won’t forget. In fact, Brody needed stitches after one of the guys took a bottle up side his head.

Shia Lebeouf

Shia is a piece of work. He was doing some bar hopping with friends while he was in London when he came across some girls puking outside for drinking too much. He ended up getting his lights punched out when a local came to their rescue and Shia refused to stop filming.

Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan normally loves the spotlight. But on this occasion, it was the friend she was with who got into a full-on fist fight with paparazzi trying to get some up close and personal shots. Jourdan says she only intervened to break it up, but she probably got her own licks in just for good measure.