Our outlook on beauty has come a long way. There was a set template for beauty that the fashion industry and Hollywood used to present to us and we accepted. Even though there have always been certain characters who were able to break the mold, everyone pretty much stuck to the script.

Then, the evolution came. The size wasn’t the normal anymore. The look changed. The template was broken. The hot cheerleader type was no longer the only one we looked at in the movies. We wanted to see the geeky side chick get the guy, and then crush his wedding tackle for being so stupid.

Hollywood doesn’t really do that great of a job at hiding beauty. When they want to, they can. They can put so much makeup on a person and a full body suit, that they can totally change the way a person looks. But for the most part when a beautiful actress is hidden behind a geeky look, we know she’s hot. Sometimes, the geeky look is what makes her hot.

These actresses didn’t trick us one bit. But, we like the fact that they tried. Even though we all have our own definition of hot, it’s pretty clear we can all agree on these gorgeous Hollywood celebrities.

Rachel Leigh Cook

Of course, it was ridiculous that Rachel Leigh Cook was the geeky girl the popular teenage guys made a bet about. That’s because the movie She’s All That was a ridiculous movie trying to make a serious point. You can’t judge a book by its cover. But here’s the thing, we knew she was hot in her first scene.

Alyson Hannigan

I have to admit that in American Pie, I fell for it. I was totally convinced and believed the part. But, she has grown since then in front of that camera and she is totally hot.

Alison Brie

Alison is a good actress and I believed her part in Community as well. But, I only believed the school girl part. I knew she was hot and actually thought her look was hot in the show.