People don’t give themselves enough credit. Too much drama on a daily basis. Too much of everyone dragging each other down. Amazing people don’t often get to hear how awesome they really are.

But when you look past all the grease and grime of the day to day, you just might find that Bucket List you’ve been promising yourself you were going to do. No time is better than the present. Get out there and start checking off those items. That’s what amazing people do.

They don’t let excuses get to them. They don’t let what they have to do tomorrow get in the way of what they want to do today. It’s time to jump out of airplanes. It’s time to take the bike for a ride.

Climb a mountain and come down on a snowboard. Drive to the highest bridge you can find and bungee jump off of it. That’s what amazing people do every day. Then, they worry about what they have to do next. Because it’s next. It’s not next week or next year. It’s next and that’s when it’s time to worry about those things, after you’ve given yourself the attention you deserve.

Parkour Off A Rooftop

It would be great if you were a spy. Or you could be a stuntman. Either way, it would be awesome to be able to get off the top of the roof and down to the ground in no time…and in the funnest way possible.

Demolish The Snow Trail

Sliding down a snowy mountain is fun. But, add some life to it. Make sure you take advantage of every nature made ramp you hit along the way. That’s the only way to truly feel like you’re alive.

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