It’s like making a quick trip to the local convenient store and you just throw anything on. Who are you going to run into? That’s the main ingredient for hilarious moments.

That’s going to be the time you run into everyone. You run into that person you like. You run into a client you’ve been trying to schmooze. It was just supposed to be a quick trip down and back. That’s the worst possible time you can imagine.

That’s what these images are all about. They’re not just people getting caught in awkward acts though. These are all random moments that are on the list because of the funny coincidence of how bad the timing was.

Bad Ad Placement

Trying to convince people to go on a cruise? Try not putting the ad next to the headline about a cruise that went wrong. You might not get as much business.

Bad Call

Can you imagine the luck of this kid? His name is Dan White and he is famous for breaking up with his girlfriend…just before her family won £61million in the lottery. Everyone in the family split the winnings, including her sister’s boyfriend. But, Dan got nothing.

Bad Hair Day

This dude walked into the barber shop thinking he was going to get a cool cut. He had no idea it was going to turn out to be the worst day of his life. He had to go to jail looking like this. Those laughs are the hardest to forget.