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A student in India by the name of M. Prabhakar actually put himself through a horror movie marathon. During Aliens, he went to the bathroom and came out screaming. He collapsed from shock. But, no one noticed until the end of the movie marathon. By then, it was too late.


The extreme visual effects of Avatar were too much for a 42 year old viewer in Taiwan on known by his last name Kuo. He left the movie early and went to the emergency room where he suffered a severe stroke. He died days later of what doctors reported, “over-excitement from watching the movie.”

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

In a sad case, a young man by the name of Damian Anthony Smythe was reported sneaking into the screening and had passed away sometime before the lights came up. But he was found with a liter of whiskey, which led to him dying of acute alcohol toxicity. His family told authorities he suffered from a drinking problem and his father had tried to talk him into going to rehab.