The Department of Homeland Security has decided not to restrict more electronics from the cabin on flights from the Middle East. However, electronics larger than a cellphone still are not allowed. These regulations will likely expand to the rest of international travel in and out of the U.S., so it’s important to know how to pack your checked laptop so that it is not damaged or stolen.

This type of rule would be a major risk for corporate travelers. It would put confidential company information in danger of theft, and it would risk the safety of a laptop that will almost certainly be used in meetings at the end of the flight.

Pack It Securely

Checked baggage is often tossed around and damaged, so make sure to pack your laptop inside of a cardboard box that is filled with bubble wrap.


Have A Backup Plan

It’s a great idea to pop the hard drive out of your laptop or to invest in a laptop that has that feature.

Encrypt Your Data

Most Windows and Mac operating systems have a feature included that allows the user to encrypt their hard disk. This is something that definitely should be enabled, so that the laptop is unusable if stolen.


Make Sure You Have A Password

Make sure you have a hard to guess password. A good start is to make sure that it doesn’t include any dictionary words. If you don’t have a password… What are you doing with your life??


Clear Off Unnecessary Documents

Make sure that you clear off all unneeded documents from your laptop. You don’t need to be traveling with years of personal information and tax returns.

Log Out Of Facebook And Twitter

This is a given, but plenty of people don’t do it in situations where their laptop could be stolen. Play it safe and just log out.


Customize It For Yourself

Everyone doesn’t have the same security needs, just think of the worst case scenarios for you and make contingency plans for those situations.

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