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It is suspended above the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon in China. It’s a useful bridge. But for some people, it’s hard to get across because it is a glass bridge that is almost paralyzing for quite a few who brave it.

The glass bridge is 600 feet above the valley. Imagine walking on air. Imagine having the feeling that you could fall to your death at any time. That’s the fun of it.

If you have ever bungee jumped or jumped out of airplanes, that’s the feeling you might get crossing the glass bridge. It’s 980 feet across. So, it’s no quick trip. Some people stop along the way and literally panic. The reality of the situation finally dawns on them and fear strikes.

While others are standing around laughing, they struggle with every step they take. Some get on their hands and knees to get across. Not really sure how that makes things better. It’s just a coping mechanism that helps people deal with their issues of being in high places.

These people have decided to go across the bridge on their own. They are not being tortured or forced to go across the bridge. So, it’s okay to laugh. That is especially because they are safe. The bridge has been tested and it gets shut down at the first sign of trouble.

The Dog Is Frightened

Can you imagine not being able to understand your owner say that everything’s fine? This dog doesn’t know what’s going on and all it has is the optical illusion of thinking he’s falling. But, he is evidence that getting low is a natural instinct.

This Guy Wigged Himself Out

Taking deep breaths work for some people. It did not work for this guy. Once you let go, you can really lose it. That’s what happened to him. He literally has a meltdown and practically goes into a fetus position in the middle of the bridge.

Would You Go Across?