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All kids are awesome. Most parents think they have incredible kids. Then, they end up putting buckets on their heads and running into walls.

They scribble on a piece of paper and it goes on the refrigerator. It’s the best art they’ve ever seen. That’s how most parents act toward their kids.

It doesn’t matter if they aren’t doing good in school. Their child is the smartest child ever. It doesn’t matter if they bully other kids. Their child is the sweetest little boy who ever walked the earth. You wonder if they actually know their child at all or if they’re just blind to the imperfections.

We know how parents are. But, these kids are phenomenal. They were either born with something so different that they stood out from day one or they developed something along the way to distinguish themselves. Some have medical issues that have caused them to compensate for it in life.

Some medical issues can be reversed. Others are medical issues the kids learn to use to their advantage. You’re going to love going through these and learning about these incredible kids. Just be warned: some images are hard to not see once you have seen them.

A 4 Year Old Who Looks 70

He scared all the kids at school. So, he stays home and he gets his education there. He is literally growing into an old man right in front of his parent’s eyes. But, he still has the mentality of a 4 year old. So, he really doesn’t even know about his condition yet.

Little Hercules

This boy was born with a physique. His mentality was into weightlifting from the start. They called him the strongest boy in the world. But, he’s not a boy anymore. Find out what he’s doing now.

Incredible Kids