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Driving is very frustrating for some people. They get in the car and they think they are the only important person on the road. They don’t have time to wait on anyone and where they are trying to go is far more important than anywhere anyone else is trying to go.

With these nuts on the road, they frustrate others who are actually trying to make it through their day. They honk their horns. They speed past other cars and then, they hit the breaks causing everyone else on the road to become increasingly frustrated.

It’s nothing to laugh about, but karma does catch up with them sometimes and it’s very satisfying. This BMW driver is that typical guy who thinks he owns the road. His life is way more important than anyone else’s and he needs people to get out of his way now.

The sad thing is that he puts other people’s lives in danger. This BMW driver doesn’t care about anyone else but himself and is going to get someone killed some day. So, maybe it’s a good thing that karma caught up to him. Hopefully, it teaches him a lesson before someone has to die.

The Bus Pulls Out

It’s a slow day and traffic is moving smooth. Everyone is fine except for one guy. You can see him in the upper right hand corner of the video. He’s behind our guy shooting with the dash cam.

The BMW Driver Gets Impatient

As you see, the BMW driver in the back pulls out. He’s going to pass our dash cam guy and try to get around the bus. We all know how frustrating buses are. They stop when we want to go. But, every driver in the world knows that this is not a good idea.

Catch The Action Of The Instant Karma