When assassins are trained, they get taught skills wannabes only dream of having. Hand to hand combat and the art of evasion only scratch the surface. Obviously, being a sniper is at the top of the list because all assassins should be able to kill from a distance.

The thing is that Marvel Comics has a way of creating assassins on an unimaginable level. Imagine superheroes and villains who have skills to magically transport themselves or to manipulate circumstances with their minds. They have powers that are beyond those of any other regular old assassin.

Many of them can quickly rejuvenate from injury and some of them have insatiable appetites for murder, which makes them killing machines who just won’t go away. That’s just a little of what the most ultimate assassin looks like. These guys bring it and they’re ready for action.

The Highly Trained Assassin Crossbones

Also known as Brock Rumlow, Crossbones was the leader of a street gang before he went to the infamous school for criminals founded by Taskmaster. He learned how to use all forms of weapons as well as the tactical skills it takes to be an effective mercenary in the field. Actually, he was very effective in the assassination of Captain America.

The Interesting Story Of Spider-Woman

Jessica Drew started her training early. A freak accident while she was still in the womb caused her to be born with her spider powers. Believing in HYDRA, she was trained to be a contractor by Taskmaster. But she eventually found her way to S.H.I.E.L.D. and was convinced to use her powers for good.

Daken Is The Bad Boy You Can’t Help But Like A Little

The son of Wolverine is not a good guy. He’s vicious in his attacks that he makes very personal. He was mentored by The Winter Soldier and developed mad skills to resist telepathy and manipulate pheromones. He has the same ability as his father to heal and he also has the same claws.

The Telekinetic Powers Of Domino

It’s strange how Domino can actually use her mind to manipulate what’s going on around her so that she has the advantage. Couple that with her ability to fight and you have one awesome assassin fighting on the side of good. It’s a good thing too. If she were on the other side, imagine how bad things could get real quick.

Fantomex Is Full Of Awesome Surprises

Imagine being a mutant and running from Fantomex. He has the ability to cast illusions and read body language. Beyond that, he has the ability to have multiple brains in case one gets damaged. Also, he doesn’t feel pain when he releases his external nervous system from his body. Those mutants have no chance.

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