Bodybuilding isn’t just about getting yourself in shape and looking good. Of course, that’s what it is to most people. They just want tone muscles and they want to be healthy.

But, there are bodybuilders who take it to the max. They don’t like any body fat on their body at all. They want it all gone. Working out in the morning and in the evening is something that’s normal for them.

Most people go one time a day or several times a week. A dedicated bodybuilder is in the gym most of the time. Bodybuilding isn’t a thing the do. It’s their life. That’s who Martyn Ford is.

Born in the U.K., he wanted to be a professional cricket player at one time. But, he sustained a bad injury that took that dream away. It also made him dwindle down to almost nothing.

This Was Him At His Lowest Weight

He was broken down and he really didn’t like feeling that way. He was small and weak, but he still had a hunger. That’s when he started searching for something else to put his passion into. That’s when bodybuilding made the total transformation.

Then, He Became

He is massively huge. He stands 6’8″. He weighs a whopping 330 lbs. He stands heads and shoulders over most people. But his favorite quote is, “The only time you should look down on someone is when you’re helping them up.” So even though he could be a huge mountain who didn’t care about anyone beneath him, that’s not his style. By far, that’s the best attribute about him.

Martyn Ford’s Bodybuilding Transformation

The pictures tell the story. He’s not a small man. In fact, he looks amazingly massive in most of his pictures. It’s almost not even human the transformation he put himself through. But, keep that as a reminder. It can be done.

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