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Born Richard Hernandez in Maricopa County, Arizona, now known as Eva Tiamat Baphomet Medusa has made a huge transformation. It is one of a kind and it will have you amazed at the sheer dedication Tiamat has given her transition to become the Dragon Lady.

Tiamat was once a male banker before she started to make her transition into being a female. But, she goes much further than that. It is one of the most drastic changes that has ever taken place and we’ve seen quite a few.

It’s not as if we haven’t seen a guy become a girl before. It’s not as if we haven’t seen cosmetic surgery change a face or a body before. We have and it’s no longer shocking to see what doctors can do when they put someone under the knife.

A person can literally come out looking like someone else and we’ve seen it all. At least, we thought we had.

We Watched Michael Jackson Transform

Michael Jackson had early fame and all his life to play around with it. People loved him before and they loved him after. But, he left a lot of fans scratching their heads because he wasn’t happy with the way he looked.

So, He Transformed

Little by little, we saw the changes. From subtle surgeries to bigger and bigger ones. When his transformation was complete, he did not look the same at all. He didn’t just get a tuck and it went wrong. He literally changed his face.

Heidi Montag In 2006

In an amazing transformation, we watched Heidi Montag go from the beautiful girl next door look to something else. She was already beautiful and didn’t really need any work in that category. But, there are fans who would strongly disagree.

After Surgery

She transformed herself into model material. Why she thought she needed it, blame it on the industry and the gossip rags that constantly judge. But her fans loved her transformation, which also arguably boosted her career. So, win-win!