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MMA gets nuts to begin with. They have the best fighters in the world. These guys aren’t afraid of anything. So yeah, it has the strange ability to get really nuts at times.

The thing is that there are some guys who slipped through the cracks. They aren’t quite made of the same stuff as the legends are. You know, those quiet type guys who can lay a person out in half a heartbeat just for looking crooked? That’s the MMA!

But, some guys aren’t made of that same stuff. They run their mouths, dance to the ring, dance around in the ring, and then act cocky during the fight. How many times does a fighter have to learn that it’s not a game in the ring?

If you point at your jaw and taunt the other guy to hit it, you will get hit. That’s exactly what’s going to happen. If you dance around and think you’re intimidating your opponent, you thought wrong. They’re just calculating what they’re going to do to take you down a peg.

That’s the difference between a real fighter and someone who has no idea what they got themselves into. You’re going to love watching the video, action packed with hilarious moments that surprised many of us and also gave us that good feeling of karma satisfaction.

That’s What He Is

He can dance around all he wants and be cocky. But, that’s a sign of fear. An MMA fighter can smell it. It’s like the dinner bell just got rung because the meal is on the table and it just got served.

Yeah, That’s What He Said

It has become the mantra of all people who have gotten knocked out. The slogan has never become old either. As many times as we get to watch a person get knocked out, we will repeat the Friday mantra that goes along with it.

All The Hilarious Action