Who can you trust these days? There is practically nowhere to go anymore for a good meal. At least, that’s what it seems like with news coming out every day of all these fast food restaurants with their shady practices and even top notch restaurants getting shut down for a few days until they get reinspected.

What one mother found was an absolute nightmare. Her five year old son and her were enjoying their chicken when she found fly eggs in the meal. Her son later got sick and began throwing up, so she ran him to the hospital. It appears her son is going to be fine.

In the meantime, the mother took video of the chicken. By that time, the fly eggs had grown into full blown maggots and can easily be seen crawling around on top of each other.

KFC has released a statement saying that it is unlikely the infestation came from inside the store. They stated that they launched a full investigation of the store and found no evidence that the store would have been at fault. They went on to say that they work closely with local health departments to run a clean establishment.

Everyone’s Worried About These Guys

Even though some clown epidemic has erupted, you are more likely to run into maggots crawling all over your chicken. KFC might have released its statement to cover its store in Arkansas. But, people don’t carry around fly eggs to sprinkle on their chicken so they can take a video of it and blast it all over the internet. What does KFC think, people are that starving for attention? Uh, wait…some people are!

Warning: Graphic Footage Is Next!

Imagine This In Your Chicken

If you saw this in your chicken, would you ever be able to eat it again? How does a person let their lice infection get that bad? Same question goes for KFC! How in the world do they let something like this walk out of their store?

Now that you have a visual…WARNING: More Graphic Footage Is Next!

This Is What They Were Eating!