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Time travel has been fantasized about for years, as in centuries. Time travelers have been the focus of plenty of books and articles since the concept of time travel was first introduced. But, is it possible?

Earlier time travelers were thought to travel in machines. They would construct them and somehow, the machine would warp time and space to get to a certain era. A phone booth in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, a DeLorean in Back to the Future, and a hot tub in Hot Tub Time Machine merely scratch the surface on the things our imaginations have dreamed.

But now, it appears there is a whole new theory. Scientist might have actually started to think it’s possible if there are portals in this world that can take you from one time to another. Of course, there would be a whole network of them and they could be able to connect us to any time.

But, how do we find them? How do we know they are there? It seems time travelers have been dropping hints. They have been very ingenious in their way of communicating to us from the past.

The Angel

This guy comes out of nowhere to save a man on a bike and then he disappears. Why would that be? Is it possible they are relatives and the death of the man on the bike affects the future negatively? The time traveler of course, comes back to fix that one thing and changes his entire future. It is an awesome concept.

Young And Old

This man went through a portal and had the great opportunity to meet himself. Of course, I wouldn’t have worried about having proof. I would have just told myself what I needed to know. But, he got proof of himself with himself. Who was holding the camera though?

Get Ready To Believe!