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DIY, the Do-It-Yourself projects normally come with instructions. They’re easy to follow for the most part. Some can get tricky. It depends on how complex the project is.

Read the instructions and then start from Step 1. How hard is that?

Not hard if you know what you’re doing. But if you don’t, you’re just asking to be included in a viral internet swarm commonly known as Nailed It!

Nailed it really means anything from a guy who does his job wrong to someone who tries to do something and doesn’t quite do it right. They make us laugh. Some make us die laughing. But, “nailed it” will always have a place in our hearts because people will always come up with new ways to mess up simple things.

Enjoy this batch of Nailed It and don’t worry. There will always be more for our ongoing entertainment.

You Had One Job

That’s Not Going To Work

That Might Work