He plays for Tampa Bay as a wide receiver and you would think that’s all the job he needs. But Bernard Reedy has an entirely different game plan. It involves him having a side job in the off-season, one where he’s helping people who can’t help themselves.

Of course, Bernard Reedy has seen the highs and lows of NFL football. He’s been on the injured list. He’s been let go from a team when he played for the Falcons. There were times when he only participated in OTAs, organized team activities, which didn’t make him much money at all.

Getting on the Buccaneers is a big deal for him and he’ll be making about half a million this year if he has a healthy year and plays every game. Then who knows how high his salary can sky rocket after that? The sky is the limit. But that doesn’t keep Bernard from doing his side job.

One Of His Favorite Clients

At one point in his life, driving for Care Ride was all he had. He was making $11 an hour transporting people in wheelchairs. The company is compared to Uber and Lyft where the driver gets a notification that a client needs a ride. Only the drivers for Care Ride need to be specially trained because they have to transport people in wheelchairs.

Bernard has gotten to know quite a few of his regular clients. Two of them have recently passed away and that was hard for Bernard to take. But that doesn’t keep him from doing his job. He has clients who need him and he’s not walking away any time soon.

Studying The Playbook On His Downtime

Even though he doesn’t need the job now, he grew attached to it. He’s helping people who need help. That’s a calling. It’s really a great thing when someone like Bernard stays grounded and doesn’t forget where he came from.

Care Ride has much appreciation for Bernard. He’s a great asset to the company and people love him. But they know his love is in football and they don’t have any qualms letting him disappear for months at a time so he can pursue his dream. They just love seeing when he comes back in the off-season.

The NFL Player With The $11 An Hour Job

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