Going to college can be a very expensive proposition. But it’s worth it because college can get a person that much further ahead in life. A better paying career is what could possibly lie at the end of that tunnel and Nicki Minaj is helping students get there.

The first obstacle is getting accepted by a college. The next obstacle is being able to afford it. Scholarships and grants can help defray the costs. But what happens when you’re not chosen for any scholarships and grants don’t cover the cost?

Students go into debt getting student loans. So they worked hard to get to the end of the line and earn their degrees. What do they get for their reward? They get a huge debt to start off their new life with. What a deal!

That’s why what Nicki Minaj is doing is so awesome. She is starting a charity that will pay off the loans and the tuition for students struggling to pay it themselves. The great thing about this story is how it started.

From Friendly Banter Comes Something Awesome

It seems that it came out of nowhere. It started when a student tweeted Nicki, asking if she could help the student with tuition. Instead of ignoring it, Nicki responded. She told the student to show her the As and she would handle that tuition. Then, she opened it up for other students who were able to show her the As.

Once it was said and done, Nicki had helped out about 30 students. But that was money out of her own pocket and that’s what’s real. She put her money where her mouth was, which is what students need in this world today with the obstacles they are facing.

It’s just that it doesn’t look like Nicki is done. She’s making this a very real thing by starting a charity to help students with loans and tuition. That’s actually cool because loans are after the fact. Those students who are struggling but have already earned their degrees can get help too. Not only that but students going through college now will have one less thing to worry about if they can qualify for getting assistance with tuition.

Nicki Minaj Is Real About Her Message

She’s so real about this that when she helped students out, she posted a list that included loan payments, tuition payments, and even paid for books. Accompanying that post was an announcement, “I’m launching my official charity for Student Loans/Tuition Payments VERY SOON! You’ll be able to officially sign up! I’ll keep you posted!”

That’s the kind of no-nonsense we need in this world today. Nicki isn’t talking about the problem. She’s bringing the solution and with a superstar like her, that solution just may get so huge that it will be overwhelming how many people she’s able to help. Hats off to her for being such a BOSS!

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