Superheroes have been favorite entertainment for generations. They have superpowers mere mortals can only dream of having. They can fly, run fast, see through things, and use their minds to alter reality.

That’s one weird power. When all you need is your mind to push people away, flip things over, bust through walls and anything else you want to do, that’s the superpower of all superpowers. Of course, flying is nice. Can’t argue with flying.

But if the superpowers that be should bless you with flying, you should negotiate strength. I mean, what are you going to do? Sure, you can fly anywhere you want to go and it will save in travel expenses. But to be a hero when you get there, you’re finished. Fly around some more because there’s nothing left for you to do.

The thing is, that’s not quite the way it works. There are people who appear to have special powers. They just don’t know it or don’t know what to do with them. They just discovered them and it’s caught on live footage. That’s the best part about it.

It’s raw. It’s scary. People might think it’s fake. But, that’s because we can do so much with film now. The thing is though that if these are fake, they are done really well and you’ll agree.

Like Luke Cage

So Luke Cage can’t fly. He can’t use his mind to alter reality either. But does that matter when it seems nothing can kill you? He gets riddled with bullets and just stands there. I’ll take that superpower. Can I have that one?

That’s Not Really What They Do

This guy is for real. Only he’s not bulletproof or anything. His name is Phoenix Jones and he dresses up like a superhero with superpowers. He walks the streets and patrols for people committing crimes. Only in this particular video, he’s not quite doing it right. He’s actually fist fighting a drunk person and that’s not in keeping with the whole superhero theme.

Real Life Superpowers