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Marriage proposal fails are some of the most awkward moments people will ever have to endure. He takes out the ring and gets on one knee. She looks at him and the pause is enough to kill anyone. That’s when he suddenly realizes he may have jumped things a little too soon.

There is nothing wrong with a guy wanting to get married to the woman of his dreams. For as long as he’s known her, he’s had deep feelings for her. It’s time to let her know that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

He needs to make sure she’s on the same page with him before he does it. That could lead to disaster if he asks and he doesn’t know where she’s at in their relationship. That’s what makes awesome viral marriage proposal fails.

Some of these are so cringe-worthy, they will have you never wanting to propose to anyone. You might even rethink every decision you’ve ever made. Should you have that party next week? Did you choose the right shoes at the store earlier? Is a cheeseburger really what you want for dinner? You’re going to be majorly confused for a while.

Phew! Dodged That Bullet…

It’s not that bad really. Just remember, make sure she’s on the same page. Ask her questions about marriage. Ask her questions about your lives together in the future. Read up on it and get some good ideas how to do it in stealth without her picking up what you’re trying to do.

Or This Will Happen

This is a bit drastic though. Of course, the guy was really screwing up the proposal. But, he wasn’t evil. He didn’t deserve the impression of El Kabong.

Watch Them All!