There are moments that take our breath away. Throughout all of our lives, we’ve seen some amazing things. But, we could only talk about it. We didn’t have the imagery we needed to portray how awesome of a moment we had just witnessed.

Luckily, we live in a time when it’s possible now to capture those moments. We can literally live our lives on camera. Some people do. But, some people only capture those powerful moments that mean the most.

It’s one thing to think that every little detail of your life is so important that you have to document it for all of your social media fans. Not pointing fingers at any particular celebrity because I’m sure you have your own names in mind when the topic of selfie crazy comes up.

But, it’s a whole other thing when the camera captures truly remarkable moments like these!

This Rescue Though

Look At Those 100 Foot Tall Windmills

Chaos In The ER

Mother And Daughter Reunited