Cholita is the elderly bear that was abused in a South American circus. If anyone knows anything about the circus, some are very cruel to animals. They work on a low budget and that’s where the problem starts.

If you visit a low budget circus one time, you’ll see starving animals. They sell you the food to feed their animals because that’s what people love to do, especially the children. But, that is about all the food they get. They want their animals starving so that they eat from you when you hand it to them.

Not only that, but low budget circuses often mutilate their animals. They will render them “safe” to be around humans, which means they have to lose their claws and their teeth. That keeps the insurance claims to a minimum no matter what pain the animal is put through.

This is what Cholita was put through in the circus in South America. In her environment, she was so stressed that she lost her hair. This was her life for 20 years after she had been stolen out of the forest. Cholita lived the circus life for two decades until Animal Defenders International (ADI) stepped in and changed all that.

This Was Her Cage

She was kept locked up in this small cage just so people could see a bear. They would come to see her and they had no idea that she was being mistreated in such a way. All they knew is that they got to see a bear that day.

In Her New Home

Now, she’s being fed regularly. She gets to roam her new home, eat, sleep, and play whenever she feels like it. After all, she has earned her retirement. Wish all stories had happy endings like this one.

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