There are clever people among us. They may not stand out or show themselves all the time. But, they do exist. They are the ones who think of the neatest things.

Of course, Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla were beyond clever. They were geniuses and we can’t all be geniuses. We can’t all come up with the way the universe works or how to travel to other galaxies in the most efficient manner. That’s for those guys who score like a thousand on their genius test and can do long math problems on a chalkboard. That’s the kind of thing they do.

But, we can be clever. Clever people come up with ways to make our day to day life easier like how to keep chips from going stale or how to store all your wires without them getting tangled. That’s what clever people give us and they are appreciated.

Ah, Get It?

Be Careful!

Challenge Accepted!