It was definitely a shoot from the hip, ask questions later type of reaction that the school took when Kamyrn Renfro did something amazing for her BFF Delaney Clements. But, that definitely wasn’t the end of the story.

Schools have policies that have to be put in place to keep order in the classroom. But, they also have a responsibility to the kids that goes beyond policies and procedures. They should never allow education to be disrupted. Plus, they should reward heroic behavior.

Kamryn’s school failed to do both. They actually sent Kamryn home after suspending her from school. It was for an indefinite period of time. Once you learn about the circumstances, you’ll be shocked. There is no reason this little girl should have been sent home.

She did something that took courage and then she had to turn around and face discipline from the school. They chose to enforce a policy blindly rather than listen to Kamryn, consider her reasoning for what she did, and make an exception. That’s when a school fails a student because it shows a lack of thought process. What Kamryn did was so inspiring, it actually should have inspired the administrators instead of incited them to take action against a little girl because of their policy.

Delaney Clements

It all started when Delaney was diagnosed with cancer. Her therapy made her lose all her hair. That’s when Kamryn decided that her friend was not going to go through that alone. So, she joined Delaney in being bald. The school’s policy though is that kids are not allowed to shave their heads. It’s part of their dress code.

The School

When Kamryn’s mom was informed that her daughter had been suspended indefinitely, she took it to the social media and told her story. What happened next was nothing short of miraculous! Support from everywhere poured in because no one could understand a school’s decision to punish such a heroic act.

Here’s The Full Story