There are things we need and then there are things we want. But sometimes, there comes along novelty items that we absolutely have to have. They fall into a very complex category of want and need.

We can’t live without them! Not after they’ve been introduced to us!

See, our lives would have gone on just fine without the knowledge of such things in this world. We would have woken up the next day and eaten our cereal just fine, went to work the same old way, came home and put on Netflix with our Macaroni and Cheese just like we always did.

But, our lives were changed the minute these things were invented. We didn’t want these awesome novelty items. We had to have them. Our lives would not be the same without them. That’s it in the nutshell. Now, shut up and take our money! It’s your fault that you have to fill so many orders you awesome inventors of novelty stuff.

A Robot That Farms

Seriously! You get plans and 3D printed materials. It can fit in any sized yard. It’s a robot that does your planting and growing for you. Look how far we’ve come momma!

A Stapler That Doesn’t Need Staples

Cross one more office item off your list. Papers go together, but you don’t need to keep restocking the staples. I’m down!

Flip TV Mount

Look at this thing work! It’s just too cool not to have one somewhere in your home.

Soda Can Launcher

Watch cans explode off of rocks. Launch a can of soda to your thirsty friend on the other side of the mountain. It has many uses.