Superpowers are what we dream of as kids. Didn’t you ever want to be able to fly or walk around invisible? I wanted to see through things, but for only one reason. Hey, I was a kid.

The thing is, superpowers are hard to get. You have to be born on another planet or get bit by something radioactive. You can mix chemicals in a lab and blow yourself up with them if you want. But, you have to be careful with that or you could end up like the Toxic Avenger, a deformed man running around in a tutu.

It’s best just to develop the skills that you have. If you can throw, work on that and become the best. If you can whistle, become the best whistler ever. If you have an eye for stamps, then you go! Find the stamps that make you happy and put them in your cute little book.

But, don’t ever be fake about it. There are some people out there who have real superpowers and you’re about to see some of the most amazing people using them. They were born with them or they developed them over the years. They are absolutely 100 and they keep it that way.

Just watch out for the fake people in this world…

The No Punch Knockout

One guru who claimed to teach Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali says he has a No Punch Knockout. But, he had his student try it out on a skeptic and then came up with excuses when it didn’t work. The funniest excuse is that the skeptic didn’t believe in the power. In other words, you have to believe in the invisible weapon the martial arts guru is using to destroy you.

Big Time Fail

What this guy was doing was trying to show the world his superpower to blow things up. He didn’t mean himself when he started the demonstration. That’s just how it worked out.

Impenetrable Energy

Can you believe a guy thought he had mastered creating an energy wall that no one could penetrate? In fact, he challenged an MMA fighter to break through his impenetrable energy force. You can see how that went.

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