When you are in a busy city or on a busy street, there are going to be a pickpocket somewhere in the crowd. They look for venerable people. That’s the thing about thieves. They go for the easiest target.

Why make life on themselves harder than it has to be right? They’re already stealing everything from everyone so they don’t have to work. Why would they make stealing harder on themselves?

So, that’s the key to preventing them from stealing from you. If you make their job harder to steal from you, they’ll just move on to the next target. They won’t even bother with you.

A professional pickpocket has taken it upon himself to detail the most common thieving scenarios. Some of these are done with teamwork and some are solo projects. But if you pick up what he’s pointing out, you can keep yourself from getting robbed. All you have to do is know how to protect yourself and your belongings.

It’s not that hard when you start to get the hang of it. It’s just a little inconvenient at first. Then, you get used to it. It’s a small price to pay. I’d rather deal with the inconvenience then let them have my stuff.

This Takes A Team

They can do this on the stairs as well. It works anyplace where you’ll be moving and they can get you to stall for even a second so the guy behind you can reach in your pockets. It works so effectively because your mind is distracted by the stall and you don’t feel the pickpocket at all.

Another One That Takes Teamwork

They can do this in any open area. It’s just called “The Park Distraction” because that’s a great place to do it. Wide open area where they can have all the space they need to maneuver. If you’re not watching your stuff, it can be gone in a split second.

Watch The Pickpocket In Action